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Dane County Farmers' Market Spring 2017

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  • Viroqua, Wisconsin

    CSA boxes

    Thank you for a great 2016 season! 2017 information listed below!

    Opportunities Currently Available

    the crew, transplanting

    We are always in search of hard-working individuals with an interest in being part of our team. While we actively recruit after January 1 of each year, we invite you to contact us any time of the year. Submit your resume and/or a completed application from our website along with a cover letter detailing your interest in working on our farm and the specific skills and experiences you bring to the table. If it looks like we might be a good match for each other, we'll contact you for further conversation.

    Harmony Valley Farm
    S. 3442 Wire Hollow Rd.
    Viroqua, WI 54665
    A pdf copy of our employment application is available here.


    • Hourly wage
    • SIMPLE IRA retirement program
    • Health Insurance
    • Access to excess produce from the farm as available

      Hours of Operation

      • PEAK SEASON (typically April-November): Monday-Friday 7:30/8:00 am-6:00 pm with a 1-hour lunch break
      • OFF-SEASON (typically December-March): Monday-Friday 8:00 am-5:00 pm with a 1-hour lunch break
      • SATURDAY WORK: We do work on Saturdays during the peak season on an as-needed basis to complete time sensitive work.

      When considering employment on our farm, please keep in mind that this is a farm and there may be times when these hours will vary based on weather conditions, farm events, or other factors. While we do our best to maintain a regular workday schedule, there may be days when you will be asked to stay late or come in early to complete critical, time sensitive work such as completing a weekly planting before it starts to rain or staying late to finish packing CSA boxes. There also may be days or times throughout the year when the workload is lighter and hours may be reduced.

      We seek individuals with the following characteristics:
      • Hard-working with a positive attitude
      • Good listening & communication skills
      • Good critical thinking skills - able to problem solve and practice common sense
      • Able to follow instructions
      • Able to work cooperatively as part of a team, but also able to work independently
      • Willingness to learn new things and accept challenges
      • Supportive of and receptive to learning and practicing organic farming practices
      • Self-motivated
      • Attentive to details
      • Dependable & able to meet the expectations for time & attendance
      When considering employment on our farm, be sure to consider a few important things:
      • We expect work to be done to a high standard of quality. We are passionate about our business and our standards for quality are what have brought us success for over 40 years.
      • We strive to get our work completed efficiently and have many time-sensitive tasks. As such, you need to be able to work well in a fast-paced environment.
      • You need to be willing to work in any kind of weather, rain or shine, hot or cold. If we can harvest vegetables, we'll be in the field.
      • There is a tremendous amount of opportunity here for individuals that are willing to learn through hard work, keen observation, attention to detail, listening and asking questions. Opportunities for advancement may exist for individuals demonstrating a strong work ethic, superior performance and a commitment to our farm's goals and values.

      Community Supported Agriculture Coordinator/Facilitator - Now Hiring

      Job Description:

      At Harmony Valley Farm, LLC we are passionate about producing organic food and strive to produce the best organic vegetables, beef and pork possible. We believe in the benefits of organic food and are seeking a like-minded individual to join our team. We are a company that works closely together every day in a casual atmosphere and seek an individual that is willing to join our team.

      Responsibilities include/but not limited to:

      • Accurately enter CSA orders into a database as well as schedule delivery dates
      • Respond to customer email and phone calls in a timely manner
      • Facilitate communication with customers and delivery teams
      • Coordinate and edit our weekly newsletters and promotional items
      • Manage and execute our social media plan
      • Utilize creative ideas to reach people and increase visibility of our products
      • Devise the best ways to organize projects, processes, files and systems to drive efficiency and increase accuracy for our CSA program
      • Attend CSA fairs in the Spring to promote our products
      • Help plan and execute two yearly on-farm events (June and September)
      Required Skills & Experiences:
      • Basic knowledge and interest in organic farming with a desire and willingness to learn
      • Possess the ability to work closely with the team members, as well as independently
      • Ability to communicate exceptionally well, both verbally and in writing with team members as well as customers
      • Excellent computers skills using Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Adobe and Constant Contact
      • Detail oriented and well organized with the ability to grow and adapt with the farm
      • Some marketing knowledge is helpful
      • Willingness to go above and beyond the norm to help strengthen our team, our CSA program and provide excellent customer service


      We are looking for an individual with 2-5 years of vegetable farming experience to be part of our farm production crew. You must be familiar with and/or willing to learn organic farming methods and be a flexible, cooperative team member with a positive attitude. Experience with operating tractors and implements for vegetable production is required.

      We are looking to recruit an individual with an interest in working here for two or more years. In this position you will work closely with our Head Farmer, Richard. We are looking for an individual who can grow into a more advanced farming and leadership role on our farm with the potential to become a more integral part of our management team. Work will depend on your level of skill, experience, and rate of learning but may include the following:

      • Soil preparation
      • Transplanting & seeding in the field
      • Mechanical cultivation & harvest
      • Seeding cover crops
      • Fertilizer, mineral and pest control application
      • Pasture management & caretaking of animals
      • Irrigation setup
      • Equipment & facility maintenance and repair
      • Record keeping
      Required Skills & Experiences:
      • 2 or more years vegetable farming experience
      • Experience operating tractors and implements for vegetable production
      • Preventative maintenance and basic machinery repair skills
      • Able to keep accurate records of work done on a daily basis
      • Basic computer skills (Outlook, Word, Excel and Internet Searching)

      Packing Shed Lead - Now Hiring

      We are looking for an individual with excellent communication and organizational skills to work in our packing shed. General responsibilities include developing daily work plans and overseeing wash/pack operations to ensure proper packing and maintaining quality standards. You will also help to enforce and implement sanitation practices, help to maintain general orderliness of the packing shed area as well as storage areas, coolers, greenhouses and other work areas. Other responsibilities will include preparing packaging needs (labels, boxes, containers, etc.), receive, label store and inventory product being received from the field, work with the crew to wash and pack produce when necessary, and load and unload products and supplies on/off of trucks.

      In this position, you will work with our current packing shed coordinators and management to plan and coordinate the flow of production to complete washing and packing of produce for distribution to our CSA, wholesale accounts and farmer's market. Your job will be to have the ''Big Picture View'' of the work that needs to be coordinated to meet deadlines, ensure product is handled properly, pacing shed work plans are coordinated with other areas of the farm, and packing shed operations and facilities are maintained.

      With respects to our specific markets, your responsibilities will include the following:

      • Wholesale/Retail Sales: Receive orders, communicate with Sales Manager, Bookkeeper & Wholesale Coordinator in the packing shed to ensure orders are filled and shipped correctly. You will also schedule and plan trucking, coordinate consolidated shipping /cross-docking.
      • Farmer's Market: Ensure product being harvested for Farmer's Market is washed, sorted and stored appropriately for market quality standards. Ensure all product is packed for market and the truck is loaded with all necessary supplies. Complete inventory of product upon return from market.
      • CSA: Coordinate washing and portioning of CSA produce in preparation for twice weekly CSA packing. Communicate with CSA coordinator regarding needs for completing CSA packing to meet deadlines.
      Required skills include:
      • Previous experience working on a vegetable farm in preferred
      • Familiar with GAP/GHP principals
      • Computer Proficiency (Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and Access)
      • Able to work as a part of a team with effective communication
      • Experience operating fork lift and pallet jack
      • Previous supervisory or leadership experience
      • Able to lift 30-40 pounds
      • Spanish language skills a bonus
      Job applicants - please use this email address for correspondence.